About Us

Mine Detection Center

Mine Detection Center (MDC) was established as a Non-Governmental Organization in 1989 and has been operating in the field of Mine Action, K9 Service, Health, and Education. Currently, MDC has almost 1500 personnel who work on different projects in Afghanistan.

MDC's Mission Statement

1. To deliver quality/valued mine action services/Education/Health/Enviromental/Security(K9) by the International Standards (IS).
2. MDC sets new levels of excellence in services, productivity, and quality through the application of capacity-building processes and leading-edge techniques and procedures.
3. The personnel of MDC is qualified, motivated professionals, committed to providing efficient and cost-effective and other legal services to the people of Afghanistan.




           Supported By:


   MDC receives funding support from United Nation as a Mission component, in addition to receiving voluntary contributions from institutional donors. Thanks to the following   donors for their generous support of MDC in these 3 decades:
  Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Norway the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and the UN   Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).   International Trust Fund (ITF), GICHD, Medico FO, Norway, UNOPS, DIFID and other organizations ...
And MDC is grateful for their fund and donations and appreciates their work.