Our History

MDC History

Mine Detection and Dog Center (MDC) is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) established under the auspicious UN-OCHA by USAID in 1989, registered in the ministry of the economy of Afghanistan. MDC operates since 1989 it Start as a small operation and now it is a complete and standard Organization which worked for over 3 decades in the field of Land Mine clearance and making land safe and protecting lives MDC proudly created job opportunities for more than 20000 people from 1989 up to now And has done many campaigns for EORE in about 30 provinces and more than 700 cities all over Afghanistan to teach people to stay safe and have land free of Mines MDC in the mine action sector as a pioneer has utilized a complete toolbox of mine action assets such as DT, EORE, EOD, EDD, MDD, survey, cross-trained teams, and new MDU module Since its establishment, in addition to the implementation of mine action teams combined with MDD/EDD teams in Afghanistan, the duty of the MDC was to train explosive detection dogs to detect explosive remnants of war ERWs and provision MDD/EDD teams for the support of mine action NGOs and international commercial companies operating in Afghanistan. Also, during the past decades of its humanitarian obligations, MDC Canine's quick response teams have provided support to make sure that different national events like Loya Jerga, cultural, sports, and public gatherings events in halls and Stadiums be held without the threat of explosives and peacefully. Because of decades of presence, MDC is profoundly familiar with the land, community social structure (tribes and groups), and existing political and military situation in all provinces Also in addition to US-DOS funding, MDC has operated and implemented mine action projects in North, Northeast, and East of Afghanistan, particularly in Balkh, Samanghan, Sarpul, Mymana, Baghlan, Kunduz, Takhar, Badakhshan, Laghman, Nangarhar and Kunar with the UNOPS, OCHA, European Union and German funds in the past years. It is worth mentioning that MDC provides search and detection services, as well as qualified detection dog teams, trainers, and handlers to clients as part of an integrated team from its resources available in MDC. The MDC Health center is based in Kabul since 1999 providing medical services to the de-mining personnel, their families, and the surrounding communities.
MDC Health Center’s Female OPD, female Psychotherapy, female Dentistry, female physiotherapy, and counseling brunch was established by medico-international donations in April 2007 and since then has provided quality services for female patients in Kabul. On A daily basis, MDC is capable to provide 150-200 medical services to the most impoverished communities in and around Kabul. And around one million people directly help by our health sector since 1999 now we have around 1000 active personnel all over Afghanistan they are educated well experienced, MDC headquarters are proud of each of them and appreciate their hard work and sacrifices
Mines and unexploded materials take victim of our countrymen every day, please cooperate with Afghanistan’s demining programs in destroying this evil phenomenon
Mine is the enemy of Humanity, let's be united to eliminate it.