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Director Hakimi attend annual meeting of state parties.


The Seventeenth Meeting of the States Parties (17MSP) was a formal meeting of the 164 States Parties to the 1997 Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on Their Destruction. The 17MSP was held in accordance with Article 11 of the Convention and pursuant to decisions of the 2017 Sixteenth Meeting of the States Parties.
A total of 125 delegations participated in the 17MSP, including 93 States parties, 10 States not party and 22 organisations.
The 17MSP was presided over by Afghanistan which has strived to encourage mine-affected and other States as well as donors to actively engage in partnerships to accelerate meeting the Convention's aims. Afghanistan sees that the Convention is not just about clearing mined areas but is also about a commitment to protect and ensure that landmine survivors are able to exercise their human rights and participate in society on an equal basis with others in their community.
The 17MSP was the last opportunity for the States Parties to ourth Review Conference due to take place in November 2019. In this respect the 17MSP considered the current status of implementation of the Convention and laid the foundation for a collective reflection on how to ensure the Convention is fully implemented to ultimately meet the expectations of those it aims to protect, in line with the commitments made by States Parties in the Maputo +15 Declaration.
During the 17MSP States Parties and others highlighted their achievements and challenges in implementing the key objectives of the Convention and their Maputo Action Plan commitments

MDC joins the workshop on Afghanistan


MDC participates at the Donor Coordination Workshop on Mine Action 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland.

MDC participated at Afghanistan Donor and Implementing Partner Coordination Workshop 2019 for Mine Action, which was organized by Afghanistan Directorate of Mine Action Coordination (DMAC) and Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD). The workshop was an important opportunity to discuss latest mine action achievements in Afghanistan, as the country approaches its deadlines for clearance of mines and other explosive ordnance.
It was also a useful platform for exchanging views among present stakeholders on how to proceed in the up-coming period.

The demining courses in the Islamic Republic of Sudan were conducted by a former trainer of MDC Afghanistan.


MDC is pioneer on training of explosive detecting dogs since 1989 and successful established mine dog capacities in other mine affected countries like YEMEN, TAJIKISTAN , AZERBAIJAN. Recently MDC is helping SUDAN to build mine dog capacity within Sudan National Mine Action Center. Zainuddin Quraishi one of MDC senior trainers is busy with training of Sudanese dog handler. their Liability Policy and help these programmes in bringing further efficiencies in the subject area. (dushanbe)

MDC is celebrating 4th April International Demining Day at MDC Headquarters.

April/ 4/ 2018

In order to achieve peace and tranquility, deminers spend the best moments of their lives serving the people and bringing peace and saving their country from this scourge. So cooperate with the minesweepers
Every corner of our country is full of mines and clearing them requires a lot of work and effort, and it is the mine sweepers who save our country from this calamity with their great efforts and this work requires sacrifice.
MDC demining institute celebrated World Demining Day (April 4) on Wednesday 15th of August 2017 at 10:00 AM at MDC headquarters to honor the sacrifices and heroes of deminers of the Afghanistan demining program during a grand ceremony.

Official Meetings

Some of Official meetings of MDC Mine Detection Center for more news please visit our facebook page at the bottem

US Department of state Visit MDC

January 24, 2018

Mr Rodney from weapon removal & abatement ( WRA ) of US Department of state Visit MDC for discussion of 2018-2019 US funded demining projects

(NPA) visited MDC

June 1, 2017

The delegation of Norway (NPA) visited MDC demining institute. And he also talked about Norway's future assistance with the demining process in Afghanistan

Team from Turkey visited the MDC

May 25, 2017

The team sent by the friendly country of Turkey visited the MDC demining institute and discussed the cooperation between the friendly country of Turkey and this institute in the future..

US Deplomats Visited MDC

Minister of State of America visited Mine Detection Center

Germany Donors visited MDC

Germany Equipment to Mine Detection Center for demining process in Afghanistan

The meeting of Director of MDC with head of TAPI and VICC projects

The meeting of the competent representative of the TAPI project and the head of the VICC office with Eng Mohammad Shahab Hakimi, the head of the MDC demining office, .