Mine Detection Achievement

Around 308,003,725 square meters of mine/ERW fields has been cleared and 704,966 different types of mines/ERW has been found and destroyed safely as end of Sep 2022 by MDC.

Mine Detection Center (MDC) has implemented hundreds of priority demining projects in Afghanistan and cleared and handed over around 308,4 million square meters of hazardous areas located in almost all accross Afghanistan for the productive use of communities as of 31st of Sep 2022. During the mentioned period, around 591,471 different types of mines and ERW have been detected and destroyed safely in more than 30 provinces,164 Districts, and over 700 villages in Afghanistan.

National Achivements

Clearance of Kabul-Kandahar ring roud
Clearance of copper Mines (Mis Aynak )
NTS and TS of TAPI coordination
Clearance of 308km Mine/ERW hazardous.

Security and K9 Achievement

Mine Detection Center (MDC) is a Non-Government Organization established under the auspicious of UN-OCHA by USAID in 1989, registered with the ministry of the economy of Afghanistan.
Since its establishment in addition to the implementation of mine action projects, MDC has a well-qualified and experienced team to train dogs for the implementation of K9 projects (EDD, MDD, and NDD). During the last decades, MDC has supported other NGOs and companies in terms of dogs for the implementation of different projects nationally and internationally.
Since the beginning, MDC has trained more than 1754 dogs for its different clients and operations to support its internationally recognized training center in Kabul.
During previous years, MDC has established canine capacities for humanitarian, commercial, and governmental clients like
the Presidential Palace, the Ministry of Defense, Afghan Air Force, and the Afghan Border Police, and has implemented many canine projects in Afghanistan and worldwide like Yemen, Tajikistan, Sudan, and Azerbaijan.

Environment and Agriculture Achievement

Agriculture is the leading source of pollution in many countries. Pesticides, fertilizers and other toxic farm chemicals can poison fresh water, marine ecosystems, air and soil. They also can remain in the environment for generations.

Mine Detection Center (MDC) has proudly worked in the felid of environments and tried for improve and development of agriculture in afghanistan in the last 3 decades and MDC help and give hundreds of thousands of plants and seeds to other organization and works in this field and MDC did all of them voluntary without any charge and fee MDC did this for improvement of Afghanistan. .

EORE (Explosive Ordnance Risk Education)

Explosive ordnance risk education (EORE), often known as EORE, is the integration of various educational programs used to inform communities about the dangers of EO and landmines in their area.
Many Afghan communities, especially those in the rural areas, lack the educational materials and resources needed to recognize the danger that explosive ordnance poses. This misinformation can have deadly consequences, especially for small children who might pick up and play with unknown objects that could be explosives.
Explosive ordnance risk education (EORE) activities aim is to reduce the risk of injury from explosive ordnance by raising awareness of women, girls, boys, and men in accordance with their different vulnerabilities, roles, and needs, and promoting behavioral change

General Impacts

Such weapons continue to cause many casualties, often civilian. They restrict the movement of people and humanitarian aid, make land unsuitable for cultivation, and deny citizens access to water, food, care and trade. Every day, people die or lose limbs from stepping on a landmine. IN addition Mine Detection Center has served for removing this devil phenomenon in Afghanistan for over 33 year and we will continue to have a afghanistan free of land mines and safe for every activity for every individuals in our Homeland .
so it will cause improvement in every aspects economically and socially security ...
Mine is the enemy of Humanity, let's be united to eliminate it .