PMWRA Project

Project Title:

Project Title: Land Release by MDUs in Zhari district, by new approach "Modules" Country of Implementation: Afghanistan Period of Performance: 15/08/2020 to 14/08/2021 (12 months)

Project Goals:

To clear land from the mines/ERW to save life/properties, reduce casualties through EORE sessions and to aware communities about gender integration and US DOS PM/WRA support and in the long term upgrade Security.

1. Exicutive Summary:

MDC is an experienced nationally and internationally recognized organization, which for the implementation of this project shall deploy 2 Module teams for 12 months (Each Module consists of 2 MDUs and 5 de-miners). In this project in Zhari district a total area of 2,643,498m² shall be cleared by MDC from mines/ERW. Based on IMSMA, 2,168 people directly and 14,290 people indirectly shall be benefited in Zhari and enable them to use the land for their livelihood and socio-economic activities. Also 13,200 people shall receive mine/ERW risk education courses, awareness about gender integration and about the U.S. Department of State (PM/WRA) assistance and support in the mentioned district. Immediately upon the completion of the project, the safe movement of the people in the communities on the cleared land shall be presumed and agricultural activities, animal husbandry shall be increased and the communities in Zhari (female and male) will be able to start using these areas for residential purposes. And thus income of the families shall grow through the increase of livelihood and socio-economic activities. The communities shall be benefited from the project and the support of donors specifically the US Department of State (PM/WRA). Through mine/ERW risk education, the accidents and causalities shall be decreased and communities shall live and work on cleared land without any threat and harassment. In the long term, the implementation of this project, shall improve security situation and make the inhabitants more committed to their communities, to their government and could provide them the opportunity to stay at work and stay away from the terrorist groups.

MDC's Beneficiaries:

Generally, since last 31 years at the national and international level, MDC beneficiaries have been the Mine/ERW affected communities in Afghanistan and other affected countries. In this proposed project based on IMSMA, in Zhari communities, 2,168 people directly and 14,290 people indirectly shall be benefitted QA/QC: Internal QA/QC is conducted by MDC QMI and external is conducted by DMAC QMI regional office.

Quality Assurance (QA):

To ensure that the activities of this project are conducted according to the project’s plan and in compliance with MDC SOPs/AMAS, MDC has one qualified/experienced QA assistant officer (QMI) shall conduct the internal QA inspections of each team and field office twice a month. The activities of the quality inspector will be supervised by MDC quality management. In addition, DMAC regional office shall externally inspect the project’s activities. All of these inspections shall be recorded properly and if required, corrective and preventive actions shall be taken as may be required.