PMWRA Project

Project Title:

Humanitarian De-mining, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (Demobilization, Disarmament and Rehabilitation Project) Programs in Afghanistan,
Fiscal years 2022/2023

MDC Strategic Goals:

MDC strategic goal is similar to its donor’s goal to increase regional/civilian security by protecting lives and property through conducting mine/ERW clearance and mine/ERW risk education and promoting its donor interest.

MDC proudly worked more than 33 years in this field and this is some of achievementon national level

1. Proposal Summary:

Mine Detection and Dog Center (MDC) with its 32 years of national and international experience in humanitarian M.A, is registered under the laws of Afghanistan. Please refer to Annex-O for License. The primary goal of this project is to employ former combatants, improve security, stability, and sustainability in Afghanistan through the application of land release procedure for selected hazards sites in Puli Hisar of Baghlan province. Under this project, MDC shall employ [200] former Afghan Military, former Afghan Local Police, and former Taliban personnel from impacted communities adjacent to confirmed hazard areas (CHA) in 8 DTs (20 Lanes), 1 EORE couple team (1female+ 1Male) and 1 Field office respectively in Puli Hisar district of Baghlan province for 12 Months This post-conflict initiative will have a positive financial impact among former combatants and simultaneously divert their attentions from former conflict in Afghanistan. )
The predicted Objectives are to clear/release a total area of 4,107,460 m² = 33 priority hazards in Puli Hisar districts, a total of 10,116 community members based on plan shall be educated on mine/ERW risks in the above-mentioned project sites and promotion of donor interest through liaison and coordination with local authority, DMAC/UNEMACC, enhance awareness of benefit of CWD, and integrate gender mainstreaming into CWD program.
The expected outputs for this project are respectively, 33 hazardous areas covering 4,107,460m2 area in Puli Hisar district shall be cleared and handed over to the communities, 10,116 populations (51% female + 49% male+) shall attend EORE session, and donor importance, information exchange, understanding, agreement, cooperation shall be enhanced among parties and efficient implementation proper decision shall be made.
The desired outcome after implementation of this project in Puli Hisar district, Safety and access to land shall be increased, poverty and hunger be reduced and health, education and gender equality be upgraded. Access to the clean water and energy, industry/economic growth and infrastructure shall be solved, food shall be produced peace and justice shall be upgraded. Community inhabitants (women, men, boys and girl) shall be aware of the danger and consequence of mines and ERW. Gender equality/ peace and justice issue shall be upgrade. Health awareness particularly about COVID-19 is done. Partnership between Communities, donors/ stakeholders to achieve bigger goals shall be created and enhanced. Ideas and innovations exchanged and implemented.
The local authorities, communities in Baghlan have pledged (attached) to make sure security of the project, base camp, and cooperate during NTS/TS, mine clearance, EORE operations, and handing over of the cleared lands.

Objective 01:

To clear/release a total area + = 33 priority hazards in (Puli Hisar) district.

Objective 02:

A total of 10,116 community members (women, men, Boys and Girls) based on plan shall be educated on mine/ERW risks in the above-mentioned project sites (Puli Hisar district).

Project Main Indicators:

Qualitative Indicators:                                                                 Quantitative Indicators:
Square meters of released areas:                                                     4,107,460 m2
Number of released hazards/MF:                                                     33
Number of impacted communities received EORE:                           10,116
Number of village resumes socio-economic activities:                                        3
Number of project sites where casualties ending removed from IMSMA:             33
Number of population directly benefited from the project implementation:             2,694
Number of population indirectly benefited from the project implementation:             7,422
Gender integration (hiring female and male educators and liaison):              51% Female + 49% Male

Project Time Line:

This project is designed for 12 months; it shall be started on 1st of February 2022 and finished on 31th January 2023. This time line is subject to change, depend on the availability of fund and any other requirement of the donor.

Quality Assurance (QA):

To make sure that the activities of this project are conducted according to the project’s plan and in compliance to IMAS/AMAS and MDC approved SOPs. MDC hires two qualified/experienced Assistant QMI Officer from its core capacity. He shall conduct the internal QA inspections of each team and Field Office twice a month. In addition, Regional DMAC/UNEMACC and Donor as third party shall externally inspect the project’s activities.
All of these inspections shall be recorded and the required corrective and preventive actions in regard to the major and minor non-conformity reports shall be taken on time and accordingly.